Autumn Is Coming

Just got word from Mike Davis that my story "Cul Du-Sac Virus" is going to be included in his Autumn Cthulhu anthology. As an avowed lover of Autumn (there really is no better season) I'm both honored and excited to have one of my stories among the leaves.





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Of Self-Promotion and Podcasts

I don’t like promoting my work. Period. Full Stop. End of sentence.

But, like my clumsy attempt at humor above, that’s not really the way things are done in this particular day-and-age. Not that I’m complaining. Decades ago, before the advent of the internet and social media and the subsequent blossoming of genre publications I probably wouldn’t have had enough of a career to even gripe about having to blab about my stories.

So, honestly, I much prefer this to the alternative.

First of all, thank you. Seriously. From the bottom of my heart. You’re a rare and beautiful treasure, maybe a bejeweled sword, or a magical ring that grants its wearer the power to eat ghosts, or some sort of crown…I don’t know, you pick.

Now, well, I suppose if I’m going to self-promote, it’ll have to be here. So let’s get this over with.

I love podcasts. With a full-time job, young son, and all my free time being devoured by writing, I find I have absolutely no time for actually reading. Someday, when my boy is grown and my responsibilities lessened, I may be able to crack a book again and really dig into some prose. But, until that time, I cling to the spoken word.

GOD, I love podcasts. I’ve waxed prosaic before about various casts you should be listening to, but I’m not here to do that, I’m here to self-promote.

(Takes a few deep breaths)

I’m proud of all my stories. I can’t tell you how many pieces are sitting on my hard-drive because they didn’t hit me just right. But you’re a busy person, you don’t have time to read all my stuff. So, I got to thinking about which of my stories best exemplify me as a writer, which ones do exactly what I want them to do.

So, here are three podcasts, one for each genre I write in, that still make me happy as hell. I don’t want to give too much away (in the hopes you’ll actually give them a listen). They may not be the best stories out there, but they're certainly the best I can do:

Science Fiction: How I Killed Your Mother” My (odd) take on military science fiction, although not really. When bodies are replaceable and war loses all meaning, what’s left? The first portion of the podcast is an introduction by a delightfully exciteable Scotsman talking about Patreon--the story starts at roughly: 19:50. 

Horror: Saturday” Everything comes around, until it doesn’t. This is my (slightly) pre-apocalyptic meditation on madness and entropy.

Fantasy: The Uncarved Heart” Even in the worst of times under the worst of despots we can be better than our history. At least I hope so.

So that's it. Consider me thoroughly promoted. Now I can go back into hiding. Thank you again for reading (or listening, as the case may be). I can't tell you how much it means to me to know that people are entertained by the stuff I scribble.

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