Autumn Is Coming

Just got word from Mike Davis that my story "Cul Du-Sac Virus" is going to be included in his Autumn Cthulhu anthology. As an avowed lover of Autumn (there really is no better season) I'm both honored and excited to have one of my stories among the leaves.





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Waiting for October

            Context 25 was an absolute blast. I had the opportunity to sit on panels dealing with everything from Horror in non-traditional settings, to Historical Fantasy. My "Maps and Speculative Fiction" Seminar went over well (standing room only), and I got to meet a lot of really good people. In just a single day I debated the vagaries of High Fantasy magic systems with L.E. Modesitt Jr., tried to pin down the nature of Evil with Raven and Lain Bower,  talked publishing with Steven Saus, and waxed poetic about Njal's Saga with Steven Zimmer and Tim Esaias

It’s no secret Autumn has always been my favorite time of year, this year especially. By sheer chance, a couple of my stories are making their print debut in the near future.

"Twenty to Life in the Lonesome October," will appear in The Lovecraft eZine's Halloween issue. Written from the perspective of Frankenstien's Monster it follows his attempt to bring about the end of the world from behind bars in Newgate prison. Just judging from the table of contents alone, it looks like there are a lot of good stories in the mix. The issue's theme is Roger Zelazny's classic work A Night in the Lonesome October. If you haven't read it, I can't recommend it highly enough. But you don't have to take my word for it, ask Neil Gaiman, go ahead ask him.

"Dark Illusions," will appear in Stupefying Stories' October anthology. The story is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek take on vampires (as if there was any other way to write about them in the post-Twilight age). If you haven't heard of Stupefying Stories, you should give it a look. They e-publish (almost) monthly fiction anthologies, available for all manner of e-readers for less than three dollars. There's no better place for good, cheap fiction. 

Look for me next month as well in The Innsmouth Free Press, Mystic Signals, and maybe, just maybe War of the Words Press' Weird War. Ah, Autumn...

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