Autumn Is Coming

Just got word from Mike Davis that my story "Cul Du-Sac Virus" is going to be included in his Autumn Cthulhu anthology. As an avowed lover of Autumn (there really is no better season) I'm both honored and excited to have one of my stories among the leaves.





"The Path to Glory" An Age of Sigmar novelette 

The Age of Myth is over. After centuries of peace, the forces of Chaos have returned to the Mortal Realms, and Order is being overrun. Sigmar has retreated to Azyr, and those left behind make their stand in the face of the numberless hordes of the Dark Gods. In the ruins of the Lantic Empire, a few brave heroes lead their shattered armies in the defence of their once-mighty realm. With their empress dead, a captain, a sorcerer and the new emperor must make a stand and try to save their people. 



Inferno #1 An Anthology of Warhammer Short-Fiction

The classic title returns as a new anthology of short stories, penned by debut and some of Black Library's fan-favourite authors. This collection showcases some of the best new works from across Games Workshop’s many universes; from the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, to the brutal underhive of Necromunda, through to the sprawling realms of the Age of Sigmar, and the savage sports fields of Blood Bowl. Featuring stories from Josh Reynolds and a new fantasy from Guy Haley, this anthology is a brutal, gritty, and occasionally fun, dash through some of Black Library’s newest short fiction. 



The Red Hours, an Age of Sigmar novella

At the bleeding edge of Chamon sits a lone outpost: The Grave of Heroes. Once a great fortress, it’s now no more than a thinly disguised prison for soldiers the armies of Sigmar would rather forget. Into this oubliette comes Byrun Hess, disgraced Captain of the Sigmarite forces, who finds himself buried in a dead-end posting with a tiny garrison, ranging from the undisciplined to the almost heretical. While Hess attempts to instill some measure of discipline, one of Chamon’s brutal shardstorms quickly shifts his priorities to simple survival. Things go from bad to worse when the garrison’s Warden is viciously murdered in a bloody scene that shows signs of dark sorcery, and tempers flare as the survivors accuse each other of the crime. Not sure who to trust, Hess' disquiet is compounded by the chilling discovery of a newly exposed ancient vault in the mountainside that once confined a terrifying supernatural force – the likes of which these mortals have never seen 


Acts of Sacrifice, an Age of Sigmar Tale

The Order of the Ardent Star are dying. Their master has fallen, their numbers are few, and their last hope is a desperate flight to a distant redoubt – can they marshal their courage and brave the gauntlet of Khorne worshippers that stands in their way?




Fangs of Rustwood, an Age of Sigmar Tale

Kantus Vallo, witch hunter of the Order of Azyr, escorts a caravan of prisoners back to civilisation for trial. Their path takes them through the Rustwood, a great untamed wilderness, menacing and foreboding. Each prisoner is a suspect in the murder of an influential governor – sorcerer, poisoner and guard captain, each has their means and motives. Vallo's attempts to discover the truth are derailed when the inhabitants of the Rustwood attack. Enemies quickly become allies, but can Vallo truly trust three potential killers?